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IMPORTANT: Please read this document carefully.Keep the Policy portion in a safe place for future reference.It contains important policies regarding your trip with Discover America Tours .By submitting your online application, you are agreeing that you’ve read and understand these policies



The non-refundable deposit is due by the date listed in your group’s payment schedule. Trip price and dates are not confirmed until we receive your deposits and applications and they are subject to change due to airline availability, unforeseen tax or fuel surcharge increases, as well as changes in group size and group-elected itinerary changes. To secure your desired trip dates and itinerary, early registrations are strongly recommended.   Deposits received more than 30 days after your deposit due date will automatically incur a $50 Late Registration Fee as well as any additional charges, such as additional airfare, activity costs, etc.



Deposits must be accompanied by a completed online application submission. Deposits without applications will not be processed, nor will applications without deposits.  All travelers, including adults and chaperones, must complete an application to be added to the school account. For airline purposes, please be sure to use your name as it appears on your passport (for international travel), driver’s license or school ID.



Discover America (DA) encourages families to adhere to the stated Payment Plan due dates.  Reminders will be sent via email prior to all due dates.  Please be sure to provide a valid email address on your application to insure you receive important communication from us. Payment reminder emails will be sent approximately two weeks prior to the payment due date. Additional payment reminders may come from the school or group leader.  PLEASE NOTE: In order for us to bill the family directly, all applications MUST arrive in our office by the deposit due date.



Payments MUST be accompanied with a DA emailed Invoice OR by a note including traveler’s name and school/group name.

There will be a late fee of $25 automatically added to each late payment.  To allow us to provide quality service, this will be strictly enforced. Please allow adequate time for delivery of payments (approximately 10 days by mail) to avoid late payment fees. Late charges will be applied to payments that are not received by the following payment due dates. Discover America will not be responsible for lost payments. There will also be a $35 fee for each returned check or declined Debit or Credit charge.  Late fees will apply to payments that are late due to returned checks or declined credit/debit payments.

PLEASE NOTE: Final payments are due in full 60 days prior to departure. If final payment is not received in the Discover America Tours  office by the final payment due date, we reserve the right to cancel any traveler from the trip. If a traveler is cancelled due to non-payment, the standard cancellation policy will apply.


Payment Schedule for Tours are posted on your specific Tour documents.

Please refer to you group’s Payment Schedule for due dates for Deposits and other payments.  All deposits are non-refundable.



Refunds for overpayment will only be issued upon written request. Refund requests can be emailed to or faxed to

1-657-200-2626. Refunds will be issued only after all accounts for all travelers are paid in full. Please allow two to three weeks after all school accounts have been paid in full for refunds to be issued. If an overpayment was made by a check, please also allow 4–6 weeks after receipt of the check for the refund to be issued. In the case of trips with school billing, the refunds will be issued to the school; trips with parent billing will have refunds issued to the parent(s) according to the original method of payment. All overpayments due to organization sponsored fund raising will be refunded directly to the organization.



• All cancellations must be in writing and received in the Discover America office  by the dates indicated below. Verbal cancellations are not accepted.  Cancellations may be emailed to or faxed to 1-657-200-2626.

• Refunds for cancellations will be issued according to the following schedule:


If cancellation notice received is: Discover America retains:
> 120 days prior to departure Full deposit (if applicable), plus any unrecoverable expenses
91-120 days prior to departure Full deposit  (if applicable) + 30% of the trip price, plus any unrecoverable expenses.
46-90 days prior to departure Full deposit (if applicable) + 50% of the trip price, plus any unrecoverable expenses.
0-45 days prior to departure 100% of the trip price (No refund or airline credit will be issued.)










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• Deposits and fees are non-refundable (including late payment fees, late registration fees, fees for returned checks, and name change fees).

• Deposits are transferrable to a new, replacement traveler. Additional costs such as name change fees may apply.

• If a traveler cancels after the group has been ticketed, even if it is more than 120 days before departure, the cost of the airline ticket is non-refundable and the airline ticket cannot be used for later travel by the individual.

• In the event a trip is cancelled by group leaders or administration, the above cancellation policies will apply.

• Any participant expelled or disciplined by the school is subject to Discover America’s standard cancellation policy.

• If a participant is unable to obtain the required travel documents, Discover America’s standard cancellation policy will apply.

• Refunds for all cancellations will be processed according to the refund policy outlined above (see REFUNDS).

Reminder: Your trip price does not include trip cancellation insurance, we strongly encourage you to consider purchasing it. (Discover America does not provide any kind of Travel Insurance, however DA can provide you with information from third-party providers.) Cancellations for medical reasons, work reasons, etc., will be subject to the cancellation policy outlined from each individual insurance provider. Please refer to the INSURANCE section for more information on optional trip cancellation insurance.



1. Pay by Mail

Send your payment with your Payment Invoice to: Discover America, 921 Grovemont St., Santa Ana, CA 92706

2. Pay Online

Using your PayPal Account, Go to (and click on SEND MONEY option), send the money to:

This option allows you to use your Personal PayPal account and pay with your Credit Card, Debit Card, or Personal Bank Account.

3. Pay by Phone

We accept VISA®, MasterCard®, and Discover® by phone. Call 657-200-TOUR. Be prepared to state the school name and traveler’s name for each payment.



Medical Emergency Insurance RequiredAlthough all participants are insured through our fully covered blanket policies for unforeseen events, each participant must provide proof of individual medical insurance coverage individual needs.

Optional Travel and Trip Cancellation Insurance is available via various Insurance Companies not associated with Discover America Tours LLC.  Among them options include:  Travel Guard (, Travel Insure (, U Travel Pro (, etc.  This type of insurance is optional and various rules and stipulations apply.  Please contact the individual insurance carriers for more information and to apply with them if this is something you wish to pursue.  Please note that specific deadlines and exclusions do apply.



• Round trip airfare, unless otherwise specified on your itinerary

• Quality accommodations (including ministry housing for some mission trips)

• All ground transportation, excluding optional activities

• All group activity fees included in your itinerary

• Full-time Discover America guide for the entire duration of the trip

• Local tour guides, per itinerary

• Tipping for meals, bus/coach drivers, and our step-on guides at various locations

• Luggage tag per traveler (excluding land-only trips)

• Breakfast and dinners on all trips and lunches on selected programs, based on destination, arrival and departure times.  Please note: Check your itinerary for details about the meals included on your specific trip (refer to Final Itinerary).



• Snacks and souvenirs

• All meals not specifically indicated on your Final Itinerary

• Special room arrangements

• Additional expenses due to traveler requested deviations from the group’s itinerary

• Fees for optional activities selected by the group leader

• Baggage fees charged by individual airlines, unless specifically indicated on tour documents.

• Surcharges due to fuel cost increases

• Surcharges due to airline fees and tax increases

• Surcharges due to currency exchange rate increases







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Discover America uses a variety airlines based on schedule, price, and availability. Discover America will not be responsible for scheduling changes, overbooking, missed connecting flights, long layovers, or any expenses related to such delays. Group travel requires flexibility, and due to airline policies groups may be asked to split, change travel dates, or depart from alternate cities.  Please note that in the very unlikely event of losing an airline ticket while traveling, the traveler will be responsible for all costs associated with getting a new one.

Individuals may buy their own airline tickets or use air miles and join the group at the first hotel on the itinerary or an agreed upon location along the tour. (All minor students must fly with an adult). When obtaining their own airline tickets, individuals are responsible for their own transportation to and from the hotel or airport. Individuals may request to travel on different dates from the rest of the group, however, such deviations from the group’s scheduled departure and return travel dates and times may result in an increased expense that is the responsibility of the individual.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your total trip price does not include the new airline checked baggage fees imposed by selected airlines for Domestic and International destinations.  Additionally, Discover America is not responsible for any baggage fees due to excess size, weight, or other limitations.  Please refer to specific airline website for specific limitations or fees.  For TSA Regulations please refer to



• To provide the most affordable prices, our standard fees are based on 4 students per room and include two double rooms for school/group chaperones. Our chosen hotels are clean and reputable and are centrally-located. It is Discover America’s policy that no adult may share a bed with a student unless the adult is the child’s parent or sibling.  Additionally, all rooming allocations will be at the discretion of the teacher/group leader.

• If double or triple room occupancy is requested (pending availability) an additional charge will be added.

• All occupants must be of the same gender, exception would be for family members when sharing room with only family members.

• If requested, adults may be assigned to private rooms for an extra fee and subject to availability. Hotel prices vary and the exact cost will be indicated on your school/group online account. These fees will be charged for any additional rooms.

• If your group policy differs from DA policy, the group will be responsible for any additional room charges.